June 4-5, 2005
Union Parish

OVAL's first star party was a tremendous hit everyone.  We were able to observe without light pollution in a fantastic and isolated area of eastern Union Parish.  Members began to arrive around 7PM and refreshments of drinks, chips, and "sammiches" were provided.  The scopes began to pop up like giant mushrooms as darkness fell.  Brad was able to turn on the giant floodlights at dusk while we completed our setup.  Then the lights went off and the viewing began.

As if on cue, mighty Jupiter graced us with its presence.  The Great Red Spot was dead-center on its home band.  Several scopes were set up strictly for viewing and others were set up for astrophotography.  Those photos can be found by clicking the link below the group photo.  Overall, we had six scopes on the field and 11 participants.

Our next outing will likely be the night of July 3/4 when NASA smashes a probe into Comet Temple 1 - a project known as Deep Impact.

Click HERE for Astrophotos!
(large files on this page so be patient)