A Tour of the Solar System
by:  OVAL Members

This is the only image of Mercury in the lower right taken with a digital camera.  We currently do not have a telescopic image of the planet.

The images below are of Venus.  The top image is through a telescope and the bottom image is the transit of Venus across the sun.  It is the black dot at the far right of the Sun.


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A favorite target for our members.  Jupiter frequently graces our skies and is a fun target through telescopes.  Getting a shot of the Great Red Spot and Jupiter's moons is always a challenge.

Ahhh, beautiful Saturn.  Who can resist those majestic rings?

Distant Uranus still gives that beautiful blue hue.  We should get some better shots of the planet later this summer.

Now we're really getting out there!  Neptune, like Uranus, also has a blue hue.

Elusive Pluto was not so to member Brad Farrington who used his own version of Clyde Tombaugh's technique to nail down the small planet which is the dot beneath the orange arrow.

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