The OVAL/Messier Catalog

Charles Messier
June 26, 1730-April 12, 1817

Below you will find the results of an OVAL project - our own Messier Catalog of objects with photos taken by OVAL members.  Many clubs and institutions have their own Messier photo gallery, so why can't we?  Larger images can be found by visiting the member galleries.  Let's get to taking those photos!  

M1-Crab Nebula

M2-Globular Cluster

M3-Globular Cluster
M4-Globular Cluster
M5-Globular Cluster
M6-Butterfly Cluster M7-Ptolemy's Cluster
M8-Lagoon Nebula
M9-Globular Cluster
M10-Globular Cluster

M11-Wild Duck Cluster

M12-Globular Cluster

M13-Great Hercules Cluster

M14-Globular Cluster

M15-Globular Cluster
M16-Eagle Nebula M17-Omega Nebula M18-Open Cluster M19-Globular Cluster
M20-Triffid Nebula
M21-Open Cluster M22-Globular Cluster M23-Open Cluster M24-Milky Way Patch M25-Open Cluster

M26-Open Cluster

M27-Dumbell Nebula
M28-Globular Cluster
M29-Open Cluster
M30-Globular Cluster
M31-Andromeda Galaxy M32-Andromeda Satellite Galaxy
M33-Triangulum Galaxy
M34-Open Cluster M35-Open Cluster
M36-Open Cluster M37-Open Cluster M38-Open Cluster M39-Open Cluster M40-Winecke 4 (Double Star)
M41-Open Cluster
M42-Great Orion Nebula
M43-de Mairan's Nebula (Orion)
M44-Beehive Cluster

M45-The Pleiades
M46-Open Cluster M47-Open Cluster
M48-Open Cluster

M49-Elliptical Galaxy
M50-Open Cluster

M51-Whirlpool Galaxy
M52-Open Cluster
M53-Globular Cluster
M54-Globular Cluster M55-Globular Cluster

M56-Globular Cluster

M57-Ring Nebula

M58-Spiral Galaxy
M59-Elliptical Galaxy
M60-Elliptical Galaxy

M61-Spiral Galaxy
M62-Globular Cluster
M63-Sunflower Galaxy

M64-Blackeye Galaxy

M65-Spiral Galaxy

M66-Spiral Galaxy
M67-Open Cluster M68-Globular Cluster M69-Globular Cluster M70-Globular Cluster

M71-Globular Cluster

M72-Globular Cluster
M73-Multiple Stars
M74-Spiral Galaxy
M75-Globular Cluster
M76-Butterfly Nebula
M77-Seyfert Galaxy
M78-Reflection Nebula M79-Globular Cluster M80-Globular Cluster

M81-Bode's Galaxy

M82-Cigar Galaxy
M83-Spiral Galaxy
M84-Elliptical Galaxy

M85-Lenticular Galaxy

M86-Elliptical Galaxy

M87-Virgo A Radio Galaxy

M88-Spiral Galaxy

M89-Elliptical Galaxy

M90-Spiral Galaxy

M91-Spiral Galaxy

M92-Globular Cluster
M93-Open Cluster
M94-Spiral Galaxy

M95-Spiral Galaxy

M96-Spiral Galaxy

M97-Owl Nebula

M98-Spiral Galaxy

M99-Spiral Galaxy

M100-Spiral Galaxy

M101-Pinwheel Galaxy

M102-Spindle Galaxy*
M103-Open Cluster
M104-Sombrero Galaxy

M105-Elliptical Galaxy

M106-Spiral Galaxy

M107-Globular Cluster
M108-Spiral Galaxy
M109-Spiral Galaxy
M110-Andromeda Satellite Galaxy

*Messier Object 102 is a controversial object possibly due to a number of factors.  The object was thought to be a repeat of M101 the Pinwheel Galaxy in Ursa major but other possibilities have been proposed.  The most likely candidate for M102 is the Spindle Galaxy (NGC5866) in the constellation of Virgo.

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